Sourcing (China)



Lawdex International has extensive experience in project management, supervision, sourcing and production in China. We also act as an import agent for China.

Examples of work we have done in China includes:

  • Sourcing of materials and components for Australian lighting and mannequin producers
  • Importing sheet metal for Australian producers
  • Sourcing of plastic products
  • Sourcing of aluminium
  • Sourcing of cardboard and cartons
  • Project management of non-Lawdex production in China

We work closely with our customers to create products that meet individual requirements, meeting strict international safety and quality standards.
Our extensive experience in sourcing and producing in China ensures that custom products are price competitive at all times. The Chinese sourcing and production process is strictly monitored by Lawdex staff, ensuring the highest quality is guaranteed.

Sourcing products from China


Organisation of all sizes, including start-ups and sole traders take advantage of the benefits related to sourcing products from China. These benefits include low cost, high level of customisaton and a large variety of products, mateirals and supplies from which to choose from. Sourcing products from China can give these organisations a competitve edge over organisations producing or sourcing elsewhere.


Sourcing products from China can also involve a variety of risks, including:

  • Differences in culture, linguistics and different views of how business relations are conducted, resulting in frustration, time loss and unsatisfactory products or materials.
  • Suppliers heavily making up the price of products or materails or recurring price increases.
  • Poor quality standards
  • Poor delivery standards

Sourcing products from China can be done efficiently and effectively with the help of an export China Sourcing Partner such as Lawdex International Pty Ltd. Once our Sourcing Project Managers take over, organisations can rest assured that all disadvantes of doing business with China are expertly managed and that a quality prouct or material is delivered at the right price any time, every time.

This is Why we are your China Sourcing partner of choice

  • We can help you save 30% to 80% in costs by importing directly from the factory.
  • We help you choose the most suitable supplier for your particular needs. Most Internet based China sourcing directories only show a fraction of the suppliers we have access to. You receive a full overview of suppliers sourced, with our recommendations. We apply ISO9001 systems and procedures to our supplier sourcing procedures.
  • We help bridge differences in culture, linguistics and different views of how business relationships are conducted, saving you time, uncertainty and hassle.
  • As an ISO 9001 accredited company, we help to ensure the highest quality products or materials at all times.
  • We help you, not the suppliers. We work solely on your behalf. We have professional negotiators working in China, with in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market and its opportunities.
  • We guarantee ease of contact and communication, your contact will be based in our Australian office.
  • We offer end-to-end management, from sourcing the supplier to delivery to your door.

China Sourcing services

Product Sourcing
Sourcing the right product or material in China depends greatly on the quality from the tendering process, to negotiations and the final supplier. Our Sourcing Project Managers have exceptional experience and contacts within China and are tasked to:

  • Perform an initial feasibility check on your desired product or material in the required quantity
  • Offer your product out to tender with an agreed amount of potential suppliers
  • Pre-select the best suppliers on the basis of their tender proposals and communicate and advise
  • Supply you with samples from pre-selected potential suppliers
  • Negotiate the best price on your behalf
  • Perform stringent quality and time delivery checks
  • Arrange delivery

Sourcing Project Managers can be assigned to manage the entire process, or a specific part of the sourcing process.

Supplier management
Organisations that already deal with suppliers in China can become entangled in a web of miscommunication, increasing prices, fluctuating quality standards and unreliable delivery times. Our Sourcing Project Managers can take control of the supplier management process, streamlining communications and relieving organisations from this time- consuming and possibly frustrating task.

Custom manufacturing
If your organisation requires a product, prototype or special tool that cannot be sourced from Chinese suppliers, custom manufacturing is an option. Our Sourcing Project Managers will research and locate the best manufacturer. Steel products can be manufactured in Lawdex International Pty Ltd’s own China factory or here in Australia.

These factories enable one-off, short run and custom manufacturing, as well as larger scale production. For all other products, your business will be offered out to tender with an agreed amount of potential manufacturers. Our Project Managers will pre-select the best manufacturers for your given project. They can subsequently manage negotiations, production, quality control and the import process, depending on your needs. Confidentiality agreements can be used to protect your product and ideas throughout the process.

Complementary Sourcing services in China
Lawdex International Pty Ltd has its own factory in China and expert Sourcing staff on location to manage any other sourcing, importing and manufacturing needs you may have, such as:

  • Audit services – our project managers are on hand to audit, in person, the factory or production process of a potential supplier, checking the quality of goods produced, the efficiency of the delivery process and the overall quality of a supplier.
  • Specific Production Process checking – our project managers are available to inspect the quality of your product at different times during the production process.
  • Pre-shipment check – once your products have been manufactured, packed and are ready for shipment, a final check can be arranged to ensure quantity, quality, packaging and delivery arrangements.

Ready to start sourcing products in China?

If you are ready to start sourcing products in China and wish to involve Lawdex International Pty Ltd as your China Sourcing partner, then please do not hesitate to call or email us. You can also schedule an appointment to discuss your needs with one of our China Sourcing Project Managers.