One-off & short-run production


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                                                                                  INTERCHANGE BENCHES

Lawdex International is happy to work with individuals and organisations requiring one-off and short run production projects. With our new laser cutter, we can offer accurate, smooth and fast cutting services, as well as design graphics and sign letters. We grow with you as your production requirements grow and are trusted partners from small beginnings to large scale, ongoing production.
Examples of one-off & short-run projects undertaken by us include:

  • Cosmetics lids
  • Watertanks
  • Food processors
  • Sauce stations
  • Interchange benches

We work closely with our customers to create products that meet individual requirements, meeting strict international safety and quality standards.
Our company has extensive experience in sourcing and producing in China, ensuring that custom products are price competitive at all times. The Chinese sourcing and production process is strictly monitored by Lawdex staaf, ensuring the highest quality is guaranteed.